Facilities and food

Our homes are in prime locations in East Sussex, with vast countryside and the coastline, which is just on our doorstep, including the Cuckoo Trail which extends for miles with enclosed safe space to walk and cycle.

Fresh air and blue skies

‘A good house is an empty house, as everyone is out enjoying their lives.’

The South Downs is a huge expanse of walking routes, giving freedom to roam and is ideal for burning off energy in a low arousal environment.

We are situated within easy reach of shops and other amenities for our residents to visit with their support workers.

Other activities include, depending on ability:

  • Horse riding
  • Swimming (with access to a private hydrotherapy pool)
  • Bowling
  • Cinema
  • Café visits
  • Trips to the shops and parks
  • Walks along the seafront or in the countryside, for those needing quieter times and fewer people.

Our residents choose their activities for the day… and we help them achieve them.



Our residential homes are just that “HOME” for our residents, and as such have all the creature comforts you would want yourself, plus much more. We have:

  • Gardens, with swings and other fun stuff
  • Comfortable furniture – plus adaptive furniture to help with mobility and positioning.
  • Private bedrooms, which we encourage residents to decorate as they like… they pick the colours 🙂
  • Equipped kitchens for residents and staff
  • Sensory rooms
  • Chillout rooms


Everyone is different

Often anxiety is triggered by sensory overload, so we go above and beyond to cater for the individual needs of our residents, whether it’s air conditioning for one of our residents who really doesn’t do well in heat, or for one resident, who can’t be around many people, we have even set up an individual flat.



Food for all

Meal time isn’t just a great time to fill up with wonderful goodies, it it also a time to learn, grow, talk and become independent.

This is an important part of life at Jemini. All our kitchens are available to residents (depending on risk assessment) and staff, throughout the day… for their meals or a sneaky snack. 

All meals are prepared (home cooked) with residents, so each resident will take a turn.

We cook together and eat together.

Kitchens are equipped to a high standard and are full of healthy (most of it) good food… even cheese and pickle sandwiches!

“… it’s a nice environment, we all sit down and have a family meal together and you kind of sit there thinking, where else do you get that?”


Jemini Response

Based in East Sussex, Jemini Response is a small local community-based service for residents with Autism and learning Disabilities. We focus on choice, empowerment and dignity by improving life chances and creating opportunities.