Type of Care

We follow a flow rather than time based system. It doesn't matter if a resident takes 2 hours getting their breakfast sorted and an hour and a half taking their medication, some days the resident may want to go out on numerous trips, other days they may just want to go back to bed. We go at their pace, as you never know when they may speed up or slow down again.

The Jemini Way

At Jemini we do things differently, we call it the ‘Jemini Way.’

This is all about putting the needs of the resident first, we go at their pace and remember that this is their home and their life, so will support them in what they want to do.

We are committed to meeting the individual assessed needs of our residents and understand some may need a home for life and others want to move on when ready.


‘We know what their big markers are and we make sure we hit those throughout the day… we’re the flexible ones, that’s what we always say, we’re the flexible thinkers, they’re concrete thinkers.’

Residents with Autism and learning disabilities are visual thinkers, which is why many of our systems of communication involve pictures or symbols.

Our residents benefit from routine and structure, but we will adapt to how they feel from day-to-day and we understand this changes, by the minute, by the hour, by the day… 

How We Support



Our mission is to help our residents to lead fulfilling and enriched lives – we are here to support them in their day to day living.

Our residents are supported to go to the shops, to buy their own food, to prepare and cook the meal of their choosing – how much involvement they have depends on the individual and their abilities… and how they are feeling on the day – we never forget this is their life and we are there to support them in their choices.

If a resident wants to go to the park, we’ll accompany them, to the cinema, for a walk on the South Downs, we’re there by their side… and if they don’t want to leave their room that day, we’ll be there too.


“… it’s very person centred to them, getting them up and supporting them through their day, where do they want to go, allowing them to be able to do that, going with them… it’s very much they’re in control and you’re supporting them through that… so that’s the really rewarding bit.”


Jemini Response

Based in East Sussex, Jemini Response is a small local community-based service for residents with Autism and learning Disabilities. We focus on choice, empowerment and dignity by improving life chances and creating opportunities.