Whatever the weather, being at the seaside, by the water, provides a variety of sensory experiences – the sound and sight of the waves, light reflecting off the water, the smell of the salt and seaweed… although overwhelming for some residents, others enjoy the mix of sensations the beach provides.

Aisling loves to go to Bexhill with Shondae and walk along the seafront. The promenade there is wide and there’s plenty of space to take a stroll and lots of seats to sit and watch the sea, the birds and the world go by… with a hot chocolate 😊

In milder weather some of our residents take the opportunity to go on to the beach and even into the sea.  If they feel they want to have a paddle or a swim, their support workers are there to ensure they can enjoy these experiences safely.

“That’s the best part of the job, making their lives happier and more fulfilled.”