Thank you everyone for all your help and support. We can’t thank you enough for your brilliant work with Sam. I think we can all agree that our gorgeous young man has coped with the last year really really well. He is now so settled and happy and enjoys his visits home too. A huge leap forward

In March 2023, Sam embarked on a transformative journey, leaving the comfort of living at home with his loving family for the first time to join the Jemini Response community. His previous life, split between his family home with his mum Denise, dad Clive, and sister Rachel, and his respite family, Tina and Colin, was filled with selective activities shared with specific people in specific places. This pattern was a testament to Sam’s unique preferences and the intimate bonds he formed with those around him.

Upon his arrival at Jemini, Sam, a bright and happy young man, began working closely with Charley. Charley’s diligent home visits before his move played a pivotal role in easing Sam’s transition, laying a foundation of trust and familiarity that would support him in adapting to his new environment. This initial one-on-one relationship was crucial, but it was equally important to gradually introduce Sam to new staff members, each of whom was eager to connect and build rapport with him.

Sam’s adaptability shone as he embraced the structured routines, new experiences, and collective warmth of the Jemini community. Together with Charley and with input from his parents, Clive and Denise, an activity planner was created. This planner included familiar activities cherished with his family and new pursuits that allowed Sam to explore his interests further, from bowling and swimming to enjoying a KFC meal, engaging in recycling, and contributing to vehicle maintenance.

At Jemini, the support extended beyond leisure activities; it ventured into crucial areas of health and well-being. The collaborative efforts led Sam to engage with ONE YOU, where he received guidance on his diet. The positive response was evident in his remarkable four-stone weight loss, alongside successful health checks and dental visits – areas that previously posed challenges.

Recognising the importance of family, a tailored teaching plan facilitated visits from Sam’s parents, nurturing their bond within this new setting. These visits, initially a challenge due to the nature of Sam’s autism, have now become cherished moments, enriching not only Sam’s life but also those of his family and the Jemini staff. The gradual reintroduction to family visits exemplifies the thoughtful, personalised approach Jemini takes to support its residents.

Sam’s love for Marvel and Paw Patrol decorates his room, reflecting his personal tastes and the joy he finds in the simple pleasures of life. His journey at Jemini Response, marked by significant personal growth, health improvements, and strengthened familial ties, underscores the impact of compassionate, individualised care.

Sam’s story is a beacon of positivity and progress, embodying the essence of Jemini Response’s mission to enrich lives. His journey from a life of selective interactions to one of broader engagement and personal development highlights the power of supportive communities and tailored care.

The dedication of Sam’s family and the unwavering support from the Jemini staff have created an atmosphere of love and growth that not only supports Sam but also inspires all who are part of his life. Sam’s presence has made Jemini Response a richer, more vibrant place, underscoring the transformative power of understanding, patience, and collective effort in navigating the journey of life..