The residents had fun this December in the run up to Christmas.

Here at Jemini, we believe in supporting our residents to live their best lives, to progress in life and be the best they can be, to maximise their capabilities. 

That means helping them enjoy the festive season without causing distress and anxiety through too much change to their routines and adapting involvement to the individual.

We start by slowly introducing visual aids of Christmas and associated images, to help explain what happens – the food, the decorations, presents, trees… to assist familiarisation and to prevent residents getting overwhelmed.

Harry started making Christmas decorations early in the month, he made some super Christmas trees complete with silver stars. Aisling decided to make Christmas cards instead, colouring them in and adding some sparkle.

It’s also essential for our residents to maintain their routines, allowing for small changes. That’s why getting fresh air and experiencing the countryside are part of our residents’ daily lives. They choose their activities and outings, and as you can see, they have been out and about a lot this month – especially Harry!

Here you can see Harry enjoying a visit to Holywell beach and on a day out with Kirsty. He also managed a trip to Ashburnham and a walk with Joe around Arlington Reservoir.

“… going out for a walk, that can be enough to change somebody’s whole dynamics of their day… something so simple,, how on earth can you explain that to somebody else.”

Mikey as you can see, was delighted to be go to Princes Park in the car – he wore his special shirt for the occasion.

We celebrated Christmas with our residents in the ways they could enjoy it the most, whether that was a small party with the team, as Harry had, with all his favourite foods, or opening presents in quieter surroundings.

Our residents finished off a jam-packed year at Jemini… we’re looking forward to all 2024 will bring.