“The Management Team is proud to be involved with #CelebratingSocialCare and would like to give a big shout out on social media to all of the Jemini Response staff team for all their incredible work and the support they give to the residents.”

April sees a shout-out to the incredible people who work in social care, and we’re joining Skills for Care to recognise these hard-working, highly-skilled and passionate individuals, the vital work they do and the impact it has on the lives of those they are supporting.

At Jemini Response, our team works tirelessly to ensure our residents get the best care available, tailored to the specific needs of the individual. This dedication is demonstrated every single day, but this April, we’re going to shout about it a bit louder!

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“The guys at the little corner shop.. they know Stephen really well and it’s great when you build up those community links, because now the staff wait outside and Stephen goes in the shop on his own, and he’s got this independence, he makes his own decisions and has a chat with the shop keeper.”


“… Residents can cook, make drinks, do all sorts of things… I know it doesn’t sound much, but to them, coming from not being able to do anything, to what they do now, is actually quite amazing.”

“I like the opportunities to develop positive relationships with the people I care for.”


“It’s about care first, it’s about happy residents”

“I would say that to sum up Jemini in three words, it would be – we do care.”

“… they’re really thriving at life, building life skills and doing the things that they want to do.”

Eloise - jemini response autism

“… one quality that can’t be trained, and that’s your heart – your heart has got to be in it.”

“I think the qualities for working in the care industry, is you need to care first and foremost.”

greg jemini response - autism celebrating social care
harry and lauren jemini response autism in deckchair on holiday

“I have worked in Social Care for 8 years. I absolutely love working at Jemini Response, from supporting the residents to continued professional development available. It has opened up so many opportunities and I am now a proud PRICE trainer and Team.”

Why work with adults with Autism and learning disabilities

“… no two days are the same, which I like.”

Working with adults with learning disabilities

connor and harry - jemini response - autism
james jemini response autism

“… getting a new resident in, who’s got challenging behaviour, listening to that challenging behaviour, understanding it, turning it around, even if it’s in tiny steps… and making that young person the best they can be is what makes me tick and what drives me.”

A look at residential care for adults with Autism

So please join us in #CelebratingSocialCare not only in April, but every single day… we’re shouting out to our hardworking and dedicated team – thank you for your continued commitment and the joy and fulfilment you bring to the lives of the people you support.

About Skills for Care

Skills for Care, established in 2001, is the strategic workforce development and planning body for adult social care in England. It works with employers, Government and partners to ‘ensure social care has the right people, skills and support required to deliver the highest quality care and support now and in the future.’