“Our job is more supporting them to live their own lives and progress in life and be the best they can be within their abilities.”

Stephen started 2024 in the way he loves best… doing some craft – he made his own calendar.  Art is an ideal medium to encourage our residents to express themselves.  Adults with autism are visual thinkers, so art provides the ideal way for them to communicate, whether that’s through painting, colouring or sticking.

Harry made a trip to one of his favourite places this month, The Orangery at Ashburnham Place for a hot chocolate treat after walking round their beautiful park and lake.  While at home, he has been busy crafting and enjoyed some painting. 

Sam has also been out and about, he enjoyed a trip out to Freedom Leisure bowling with Shondae and he’s been to the shopping centre and had a hot chocolate in the café…

And at home, Sam has been baking… he loves chocolate, so decided that was the cake he was going to make! We provide visual symbols to make it easier for him to follow the recipe, supporting Sam as he builds his life skills.  Above all, our priority is always to see Sam enjoys life.